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Исполнитель: Dangerous Toys

Название: Better To Die

Длительность песни: 04:46

Добавлен: 2015-04-21

Просмотрено: 477


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Текст песни:

Under psychosis again wonderin' if you'll come down
Askin' if you ever get to win, wear some kind of crown
Is there a new way that they don't explain to find on your own
It's more of a suffering you wait for the pain, just stand alone

Red - dead - hard - not to break
It's better to die on your feet than on your knees

Are you kidding yourself again to think she's comin' home
Found the time to lose your answer now she's not alone
Don't stay of course your senses will never be the same
Even in her room the difference you're gone, so fuckin' lame

Beg - stay - hard - not to break
It's better to die on your feet than on your knees
And all of this time, just weak therapy

Won't you pick up the slack, have an attack it's your pace
Torture over for you now that you're blue in the face
Freak out over the test - satiable mess in the pause
Between all of the lines, pay all the fines read the clause

Now you hang in darkened quarters, still you've been here before
Feeling way too familiar, not again, now that you're bored

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